A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Have you ever felt like you needed to escape from your past?
Felt like you did something irreversible that you wish you hadn't?
What if that came true?

Allow yourself to be engulfed by the tale of a man who has lost his memories, so severely that it has a direct impact on his perception of the world around him.

Unravel the mystery that is his past and guide him to his future?


  • W.A.S.D for movement.
  • Q to change from reality to subconsiousness and back.
NOTE: The mac build is not up to date yet!


PastFragments.app.zip - NGJ Build 21 MB
PastFragments.zip - Post NGJ Build 16 MB


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what to do with the red ghost?

(1 edit)

The game currently stops there. But we will update the game once it has been developed :)